Battery Repair Guide

Old car battery

If you are planning to build your own renewable energy systems like solar panels or wind generators, you will know by now, that a battery bank is the essential heart of your system. This is for many people a huge cost factor due to the amount of batteries needed and their high prices. Thats why a Battery Repair Guide that teaches you how to revive or recondition old batteries is an essential thing to have in your DIY library.

In this introduction on how to recondition or revive old discarded batteries we will explain the basics of battery reconditioning und give even provide you with top notch tips where you will find excellent information on how to make a small business out of the whole recondition battery process.

In an attempt to cut down the cost of a DIY Green Energy system, clever people found a way to recondition old batteries following specific steps. This inexpensive way can recondition old used car batteries, that seem dead, to an almost new condition.

How does it work?

Lead acid batteries, like car batteries, use lead plates that are in contact with sulfuric acid to generate electricity. This process produces lead sulfate, which is normally converted back into lead and sulfuric acid. But if the battery gets older or is not charged for a long time, this lead sulfate is cristalising on the lead plates, which lowers the batteries capacity. This process is called sulfation and it’s the number 1 reason, why batteries fail or have larger charging times.

By building a battery desulfator you can brake this crystalline lead sulfate down into lead and sulfuric acid. This way the batteries capacity can be restored.

What is a battery desulfator?

It is a device that is quite similar to a common battery charger, but it cleans the battery from inside using electric pulses at high current in certain time intervals. This machine works only with deep cycle batteries, like car batteries, boat batteries or golf cart batteries.

If you can find a good source for free old batteries you can even start your own battery reconditioning business. Try in marinas, or golf courses, they might give you their old batteries for free, that’s pure gold, if you build yourself a desulfator.

Battery Reconditioning Business

New deep cycle batteries tend to cost over 100$, so you do the math to see how much it can save you – or how much money you could earn, if you start your own little Battery Reconditioning Business. The best thing about that is, that it is very easy and inexpensive to get started. Discover how by clicking here.

When I built my wind generator, I also tried to use as much recycled material as I could, to cut down the investment costs, with the batteries it was the same principle. Why buy new ones, if I can get old ones for free and revive them for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

I found a great step by step DIY Battery Repair Guide, that was written by a guy called Andy, he does that all day and makes a good living off it. All the steps in this Battery Repair Guide are explained in a way that’s very easy to understand. I’m no expert in battery reconditioning but the guide was easy to follow. Click here to visit Andys website.

I found this Battery Reconditioning Guide the best one available, as it not only shows you how you can cheaply recondition batteries, but also gives you valuable tips how to turn this into a business. I hope you found this information useful for your own DIY green energy project. It certainly will save you lots of money if you are serious about building your own green energy system, be it solar or wind. Batteries are always needed, and the new ones are unfortunately very expensive. On the other hand I like the idea of recondition batteries, because this way we can prevent old batteries being dumped in the trash. Go pick them up and recondition them for almost free. Discover the step by step process here.

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