Build wind turbine guidelines

wind turbineWhat is a wind turbine?

Wind turbines, Wind generators or Windmills: These are all different terms that are commonly used to describe a similar thing: A device that can harness the power of the wind to produce mechanical energy.

But there are still some small differences. The old style windmill which was used in old times uses the mechanical energy to pump water or grind cereals. In modern day wind turbines the mechanical energy will be converted into electrical energy. This energy can then be used to power electrical and electronic appliances.

Can I build wind turbine ‘s at my home?

Build wind turbines Guide

To build wind turbine ‘s is easier than you might think nowadays. Components for small wind generators are available to buy in most hardware stores and with the help of a good guide they can be put together by almost everyone. But it is important to get professional advice and to plan everything to make sure your device is going to be efficient.

Prerequisites to use wind power

The ideal place to use wind power with a home wind generator are areas with an average wind speed above 10 miles per hour. It is advisable to build wind turbine ‘s in wide open areas that are not blocked by high buildings. This means that farms and countryside areas are the ideal places to use wind power in a economical way.

Build wind turbine tips

What components do I need to build a home wind turbine?

  • Base, which holds the tower
  • Tower, which is used to hold the whole device high up to get more wind power
  • Blades, which capture the wind and rotate to produce the energy
  • Shaft, which holds the blades together and joins them with the tower, so they can rotate
  • Generator, which converts mechanical energy into electricity and stores the energy for later use

Windmill bladesWhat does it cost to build a wind turbine?

You can find ready-to install home windmill kits in the shops or you can buy the components separately with the help of a professional guide book, that will also show you how to assemble the parts.

You can build wind turbine ‘s for less than $200, or even for only $100, if you use secret methods very few people know about, which are revealed in the Earth4Energy Build wind turbine ‘s Guide. And even for that price they will look like a professional has built them.

Advantages of building your own wind turbine

Using the winds energy is nothing new. Just think about the old windmills that were once used to grind the cereals or to pump water.

  • Wind energy is mostly constantly available (depending on the area)
  • Cost effective: Wind power is free to use, you only need to invest the initial costs and low maintenance costs
  • Independent: You can become independent from the big energy companies who are raising the energy costs every year and you could not do a thing about it – until now!
  • No more power blackouts
  • Clean Environment: Wind energy is very ecological as it does not contaminate our air with any harmful gases.
  • Cut your Energy costs by building wind turbines
  • Good alternative to solar panels, if solar panels can not be installed in your home.

Reduce your energy bill – or eliminate it!

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, or even to eliminate it completely, build wind turbine is one very economical and ecological option. You can make your home running on free and renewable energy starting now!

We recommend you to have a look at the very easy to follow step by step Home Wind Turbine Guide from Earth4Energy. Even a kid could follow these instructions, so why not make a fun science project for the kids out of it, where everybody learns something and the whole family profits? Some people use these guides even to build wind turbine ‘s to sell them for a profit.

The guide from Earth4Energy offers you a 8 weeks “No questions asked 100% Refund Guarantee“, so starting your own green energy project is really becoming a no brainer!

build wind turbine

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