The Generation of Electricity with a Tesla Generator

Generation of Electricity with the tesla generatorIn this article you will learn what a Tesla Generator is, and how you can build one yourself to generate free electricity at your home. With the rising prices for electricity a growing number of people are thinking about ways how to become independent of the big power companies. The Generation of Electricity at home is a goal of many DIY enthusiasts and home owners. While there are many options available today, not all of them are suitable for everyone.

Many people not only want to save money with the generation of electricity at home, but also want to preserve our environment by using green energy sources. Nowadays most people know about the double advantage of green energy: It does not pollute the environment and making electricity is free, once you have built your green energy generator. This can save you a lot of money.

Free energy devices, that can be used at small scales for home owners and that are well known, are solar panels and wind turbines. Some DIY fans are experimenting with the generation of electricity with the help of magnetic generators. These experiments are actually having their foundation in the Tesla Generator, also known as the Tesla Fuelless Generator. But what is a Tesla Generator, you might ask?

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It is a generator that works without fuel, and it was a project that Nicola Tesla was working on for a long time during his life. He wanted to build a generator that harvests the cosmic energy or as he called it: “the energy that operates the universe”. In modern physics this technology is called zero point technology, but in Tesla’s time no one knew about this.

While Tesla never actually was able to build a prototype of his magnetic generator, he noted down all of his findings during the research and he left very detailed drawings of his magnetic generator behind. This information helped scientists nowadays to pick up his work and improve his designs, creating working magnetic generators for home use, that are suitable for the generation of electricity at private homes. Find out how you can easily build a Tesla Home Generator yourself below.

nikola tesla corner in new yorkWho was the man who invented the Free Energy Generator?

Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943) was an highly intelligent  inventor, physicist, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer who was born in Croatia (back then part of the Austrian Empire). He studied in Austria and Prague and later became a  citizen of the United States, where he worked most of time. During his time he was well known and respected in his fields of expertise. He made many great inventions and filed countless patents during his career.  One of his most known inventions was the alternating current (AC), which allowes electricity to be transported over large distances. This was the foundation of commercial electricity as we know it today.

There was even a street corner named after him in New York City and his picture was printed on money (see picture below). Despite those facts many people nowadays never have heard of him before. Feel free to read up about him in more detail here on Wikipedia.

Nicola Tesla

“The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes.”

Nicola Tesla (July 1934)

The Evolution of the Tesla Generator

Thanks to the work of several scientists and DIY enthusiasts, the Tesla Generator has become reality. After improving his designs and countless hours of testing, the Tesla Generator is now another way of using green energy, used by a growing number of homeowners for the generation of electricity. The fact, that this kind of generator is quite simple and is easy to build, is a great advantage for homeowners who are not that much DIY oriented, but still want to make use of free energy devices.

All you need is some good instructions and detailed drawings that help you with the construction process. If you use high quality DIY instructions, you could build a Tesla Generator just in a few days or even in one afternoon. Another advantage is the scalability of the Tesla Generator. You can build a very small generator for very little money that can power small devices like mobile phones.

Or you can build bigger Tesla Generators, that can power bigger appliances. There are numerous ways of using it, as a portable fuelless generator for your RV, for your off the grid mountain hut, or any place where solar power might not be an option and the generation of electricity with other means like wind turbines is not possible.

Tesla Generators are a very efficient and ecologic and economic alternative to normal electricity. Unfortunately the big power companies don’t want you to know about this technology, which is understandable, as they would lose all their customers, that without this knowledge have no other choice than paying their high electricity prices.

Advantages of the Tesla Generator

The Tesla magnetic generator works day and night and you do not need expensive batteries to store the energy it produces. Depending on the size of the generator you build, you can either reduce your electricity bill or in combination with other renewable energy sources eliminate it completely.

The energy you produce with this residential generator is completely free! The maintenance cost of the Tesla Generator is very low. In some countries there are programs where the power companies have to pay you for any extra energy you produce and deliver back into the grid. So you could actually not only eliminate your power bill, but you could receive money from your power company. How incredible is that?

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Build your own Tesla Generator

You will find that there are some Tesla Generators for sale, that are built for industrial use and are not suitable for home use. However, you can easily build your own, by using proper instructions and diagrams that explain you step by step, how to proceed. All the parts you need, can be purchased at very low prices at your local store. This is a DIY project, that can be completed in a few days by almost everyone, if you follow the best DIY instructions that are available on the market.

We tested all of the Tesla Generator blueprints that are available right now, unfortunately only one would really deliver what it promised, which is high quality instructions on how to build a working tesla generator. You can find it here: Energy by Tesla – The Only Tesla Blueprints that includes Step by Step Instructions, detailed Diagrams and Pictures!

Unfortunately the owners of the website get a lot of pressure from the power companies, who for obvious reasons don’t want those blueprints becoming too popular. So you need to act fast and get those plans and instructions before the website is taken down. You know the influence big companies with big money can have (just have a look at the wikileaks case).

You better hurry to visit this website, that in our opinion has the most comprehensible Tesla Generator Plans available right now. The generation of electricity at your own home with your own Tesla Free Energy Generator can now be a reality! Go green and eliminate your electricity bill!

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