Top 3 Guides Home Made Solar and Wind Energy

Is your Energy Bill too high? Did you ever think of Solar Panels or Wind Power as a solution?

Yes, you might say they are very expensive, which is true if you buy a ready made solution that could cost you tens of thousands of Dollars.

But luckily you can build Solar Panels or Windmills yourself at home for a fraction of that price using a professional Step by Step Guide.

We have researched the available Guides for Home Made Green Energy and reviewed them for you. After a closer examination of each of these products, we found the top three products to save you lots of research time.

#1 Earth 4 Energy

Earth4Energy DIY Guide

In our opinion this is the best product if you’re interested in building a solar panel or a wind mill to produce electricity.

The instructions are very easy to follow. Anyone could be a renewable energy generator following these.

Earth 4 Energy is the most popular guide and that is for a good reason: it offers very good instructions for building solar and wind generators and also batteries.

They even give you easy to follow video instructions as a free Bonus ($99 value),which enables even persons that don’t have technical knowledge to build green energy generators easily.

If you want to buy a DIY guide for solar and wind energy generators, then look no further. You’ve found the perfect match for your needs.

And everything at a steal of a price (heavy discount!).

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#2 DIY Power System

This is our second choice.

Not only you learn about solar and wind generators, but you also discover how to build your own batteries to store electricity and even build your own home.

Although this product has a higher price, it delivers tremendous value for the price.

Everything is clearly explained and anyone can start putting the guides into practice right away.

If you are not only interested in renewable energy generators and want to build batteries, make biofuel (for your car) or even build a house, this is a great product.

Our #2 choice is highly recommended as well.

Click Here To Get To The DIY Power System Website

#3 Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy is also a popular guide and it offers very good step by step instructions for building solar and wind generators.

Plus I like the simplicity of the guide. They are clear, yet very concise, but not as detailed as the Earth4Energy Guide.

It is still a great product and you can’t go wrong with it.

We recommend this as a #3 choice.

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All Guides provide easy to follow instructions and all will enable you to reduce your energy bills. You could even make money by selling back electricity to the power companies, if you scale up. Or you could make a few Dollars by building Solar Panels and selling them for a good profit.

Try it now. You will see the difference on your energy bill from the first month.

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