6 Steps to Get Your Solar Energy Business Started

Establish a successful Solar Energy Business

Establish a successful Solar Energy Business

Renewable energy such as solar power is booming in many countries, in some of them this development is started years ago, in others it is just starting now. This is also visible in the number of solar energy jobs offered in job agencies and websites and in the growing number of small to medium solar energy businesses that are being registered.

Many governments are giving incentives to homeowners who decide to install solar or wind energy systems at their homes. At present, prices for solar panels are dropping drastically, as production is getting cheaper and cheaper. This leads to the fact that a growing number of homeowners or small businesses want to convert their homes and office spaces to green energy.

And exactly those homeowners and small business owners are providing the growing customer base for your own solar energy business.

But how do I get started with my solar energy business?

There are certain steps you have to follow, but these may vary depending on where you want to start your business.

Starting a solar energy business is much easier if you follow proven strategies, that give you the right directions and help you to find your personal solar business model.

Let’s have a look at the most important steps to get you started with your solar energy business:

Step 1 – Solar Business Plan

The most important thing you need to get your solar energy business started in a successful way is a solar business plan. This plan should contain your strategy and a step by step action plan.

There are sample solar business plans, that you can use as a template for your own. Having such a template makes starting a solar energy business so much easier and success is much more likely this way.

Step 2 – Your Education and Solar Installation training

The second thing you need to do is to educate yourself, as there are a lot of things to know in the solar power business. There are many green energy courses available on the market, or you can attend a solar installation training in your city. Many solar manufacturers offer such training and certification programs. To become a solar energy consultant you need to build knowledge in renewable energy topics and technology and be able to educate your prospective customers about it. Be aware that it is highly recommended to constantly update your knowledge as green technology is advancing fast. Depending on your location there might be some certifications that are required to start a solar panel installation business. Even if they are not required, certifications always add to your business credibility.

Step 3 – Contacting Suppliers and Solar Panel Manufacturers

Get in contact with solar panel manufacturers and find out about their prices and delivery arrangements. It’s recommended to  contact as many manufacturers as possible, to compare prices and quality of their products. Don’t watch out only for the cheapest price, but also have an eye on stock availability and reliability.

Step 4 – Set up a Business Location

Once you have done all the preparation work, you should get an office space. If you want to start your solar energy business part time, you might want to work from home, so you can save on renting or buying a office space. It would be clever to run your office on solar power to earn credibility.

Step 5 – Business Registration

At this point you need to register your solar energy business, get a Tax ID, and open a business bank account. Make sure the business name you choose is unique and register it to secure it. You might want to hire an accountant to help you with the paperwork, so you can concentrate on your business and marketing.

Step 6 – Marketing

Now it’s time to get clients. This is not the easiest step, but essential for your business. You need to connect with homeowners and try to educate them about the possibilities green energy systems offer. To have some kind of showcase, it is recommended to convert your own home to renewable energy. This way you can demonstrate potential customers how the systems works and what advantages it brings.

Try to spend not too much money for advertising in the beginning. Come up with ideas how to advertise for free, like giving small businesses that are visible to many potential customers a very attractively priced solar installation, in exchange for displaying your business name and logo.

Advantages of becoming a Solar Energy Consultant

Whatever solar energy business model you choose, becoming a solar energy consultant means to be part of the green energy revolution and help to reduce our independence of fossil fuels and their negative impact on our environment. You will not only feel good about what you do, but starting a solar energy business has also lots of other great advantages (see note).

If you are ready to get started, we recommend you to have a look at this in-depth Solar Installation Business course. Green Business Profits has done a lot of work for you to help you to get started with your solar energy business. It provides you with proven strategies that will keep your start up costs low and is full of cutting edge ideas and up to date information about the green business sector. It covers everything from organizing the needed licenses to where to buy supplies to how to deal with your customers.

This updated Version comes with 2 modules:

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